Cantonese is the local culture of Kuala Lumpur and needs to be maintained from generation to generation.


The section on Kuala Lumpur Cantonese usage and attitudes, maintenance, and symbol of Kuala Lumpur Chinese identity briefly describes our research on Kuala Lumpur Chinese Cantonese usage and attitudes. Some of the research findings were not included in the video, and some additional information will be provided below.

Most of our respondents acknowledge the importance of Cantonese in commercial trade in the Kuala Lumpur region. Learning Cantonese can create new employment opportunities, business opportunities, and enhance interpersonal relationships.

In terms of learning Cantonese, the majority of respondents expressed that TV dramas are the best way to learn, but they are also concerned whether the decline in the quality of Hong Kong entertainment programs and the trend of increasing the popularity and quality of mainland entertainment programs mainly in Mandarin will significantly reduce the influence of Cantonese.

As for whether Cantonese is a symbol of identity for Kuala Lumpur Chinese, most respondents strongly agree, especially when they recognize the uniqueness of Kuala Lumpur Cantonese, such as the use of words and sentence structures that are not found in other regions; Some foreign vocabulary commonly used when speaking Cantonese represents the social development and history of the Chinese community in Kuala Lumpur.

This perception has led many respondents to believe that Cantonese is not a foreign language, but rather a cultural symbol of the local Chinese community itself, which is in need of maintenance.


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