Sienta-PCB: Professional PCB & PCBA Manufacturer


Shenzhen SIENTA Industry Co.,Ltd is an EMS factory that specializes in producing quick-turn prototypes and medium-sized flexible PCBs.With over 300 experienced workers and a skilled technical team, we can produce up to 15,000 square meters per month in our 12,000 square meter plant. Our facilities are fully automated and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and we use only the latest research-based chemicals to ensure quality.

Our ISO 9001:2008, UL, ISO14001, ROHS, and TS16949 approval demonstrate our commitment to quality control.Our product range includes 1-10 layer boards, flex circuits, and rigid-flex boards for consumer electronics, communication devices, medical equipment, automotive electronics, and more. We specialize in manufacturing high-precision flexible PCBs in 1-8 layers for quick-turn prototypes and mass production. We also offer a complete range of PCB assembly services, from basic through-hole assembly to ultra-fine pitch BGA assembly. Our principle is to deliver the best quality, lowest price, and promptest delivery to our customers.


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